Distinguishing features of our service

With a range of more than 650 products, we are your competent partner in the food industry.

Our many years of experience make us a dynamic, market-oriented company. In addition to our competence in the areas of direct import of raw goods from the countries of origin, wholesale and export, we are experts in grinding, purifying and mixing spices.


Our HGM cold-grinding enable us to preserve the aroma of the spices using CO2. The grinding process will be cooled with -78°C temperated CO2 and therefore we achieve a minimisation of losses in essential oil contents and get a high aromatical level in the final product.


Our warehouse capacity of a total of some 1,500 tons of spices in 6 warehouses guarantees prompt preparation and delivery of goods.


At our mixing plants we produce all kinds of mixtures at reasonable cost according to both proprietary and protected customer recipes.


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